Through careful product selection, direct partnerships with the manufacturer and a vital focus on quality control, we believe our products are highly competitive and at the forefront of global technology.

Through world’s best practice in design and delivery, our customers will receive the best price quality ratio.  All equipment is completely compliant to Australian regulations and CEC guidelines.

Adsun Energy prides themselves in the following: –

  • Auditing the manufacturing and quality procedures of all suppliers.
  • Offering you the chance to have every step of your production monitored by independent inspectors.
  • Providing you products Engineered for Australian conditions, by qualified professionals.
  • Offering you back up for system and installation engineering.

Panels –  As panel technology is constantly evolving Adsun energy has committed to selecting Tier one panels that achieve the optimal performance per dollar spent.  Adsun strives to stay current with the latest technologies available to select the best components for each application.

Inverters – Adsun only utilises tier one inverters specifically matched to meet the design requirements of any proposed PV system.  Our inverters are backed by a national Australian distributor and Australian warranty service.

Batteries – Adsun Energy maintains a close watch on current battery technologies and advancements to ensure the best economic outcomes for our clients.  We will source the best quality batteries to suit your individual project and needs.

Hybrid Systems – Using the current hybrid technologies, Adsun can design PV system that stores excess solar production for night time consumption and acts as a battery backup / emergency generator(UPS) for commercial, industrial and or residential applications.

Monitoring and Panel Maximisation – Adsun Energy offers Tigo Energy management system as a standard inclusion on all commercial systems.  This system has many advantages to enhance the systems performance and gives customers peace of mind that their system is achieving the promoted yields.

By using Tigo Energy to help optimize projects you will achieve increased production, lower BOS costs and higher returns. As a result your project will achieve better economics than any other.

Tracking – In some applications tracking is advantageous.  With access to commercial scale single and dual axis trackers Adsun can design a system to meet any requirements on almost any terrain.

Project Management – Adsun Energy’s core business is project management and Procurements of commercial PV installations across Australia.  Adsun was born from an Architectural background utilising the documentation and project management skills and systems to ensure the best possible outcome can be achieved for the clients needs.